Thursday, March 19, 2009


today i sign up for a pakej in RHB bank,
it is called MAA-Bijak Malaysia pakej
..At first, i tought it was a earning account
like (labur saham d) i was told by my mum like tat...
after i sign up...
i further look through it..
OMG, it is not labur d...
(haiya..being tim by my mum liao..sob)
it is an saving insurans account...
tats mean is jz protect your money and save your money...
(the main thing is force you saving)
the pakej is like this,
the bank will withdraw RM100 from your saving account monthly,
then the period is 3 years,
after 3 years u already paid RM 3600
then the bank will give you bac RM 1580 (5 % of the sum assured given RM 31600)
thats mean the bank will save up ur RM 2020 in your account..(this progress is continuos)
If you have any accident, the bank will pay you up to 400% of the sum assured
that means u din waste your bank money and further can save your money up buying life insurans...
so, the bank pakej is valid to 55 years old, that mean you have to give bank RM 100 monthly for 35 years
the bank is forcing u to save RM100 monthly..
and the end of your retire year 55 year olds...
Wao...u will have many many money to spend..

another bank (Maybank) 
the sucks bank i think...,
I am wondering why my money in Maybank always become less and less...
then i straightly go update my account book..
OMG, i saw my account book monthly withdraw out RM19.90!!!
i ask the assistance in the bank..
why my money are deducting every month
they said i had sign an agreement at 1st when opening account..
I think i din sign it..
Ok ..nvm..
then i ask her..Can i stop this insurans..
she said this insurans only will deducting for 4 months only!!
I had been deducting the monthly RM19.90 starting from year 2007!!
how many months passing..
but u all still deducting my money..
since their system are worst..they cant check bec the year 2007 and 2008 payment..
they had to wait another staff come bac from her lift..
so i had to wait for another few more days to noe what happen to my account...sob...
how much money of I fly away..

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