Sunday, June 20, 2010

topic analysis 2: Mainland vs island?

the relationship between HK and china is so unclear..
hk people would say, HK is a independent country,
but its part of China..
they are arguing not to relate themselves to mainland
I guess, they might think mainland is a worst place,
they would say "mainland ppl" but not "chinese"
they considered themselves as "high class", educated

its the same happen in our lovely state, PG
when u r telling others u r from PG,
they would ask, which part?
the island or mainland?
when Im facing this question,
I would say Im from Bw
in a proud way...
I hv no idea why ppl think island ppl are more "high class"
undeniable, they are,
their education are higher compared to mainland,
but it isnt mean mainland people cant be as good as island,
not all mainland ppl are worst?
like mainland ppl going to island,
If u didnt speak english,
Island ppl would like piss u off...
on the other hand, mainland ppl are very rude,
seriously very rude,
no patience, talk in a loud sound...


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