Friday, June 18, 2010


Photo Update:

in euro..:(

Update 1:
I thought my jet lag syndrome has started to become better and better,
and hell no, I cant sleep ytd, and stay awake until this morning 9.30am!!!
then I sleep that time, and my mum,
argh, my mum called me up at 1pm, severe headache after that

Update 2:
due to the sleepless night, oh ya,
I finally can start to use my brain, I cant comprehend anything since I back here,
totally confuse, at least i could organize stuffs now..:)

Update 3:
Before I went to Liver, my home got 6 cars,
Now, my home stil remain 6 cars,
but sadly, the Audi has gone..:(
economy crisis thundered my home..:(
no lol...
the services and reparation fees are very costly,
thats y, my dad sold it out...

Update 4:
my form 6 mates asked me to go out ytd night,
but I didnt go, they pissed me off lol, i reckon..:)
no mood btw :)

Update 5:

Update 6:
going to start some topic analysis soon,
will update in this blog about that,
those topics are normally about life, perspective, beliefs
as long as it is different topic,
and it is interesting,
I will update here..:)

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