Thursday, August 12, 2010

Professional Vs Amateur

I have been researched about people's like and dislike recently,
everyone has their own taste,
what makes difference bet doctor and pharmacist?
doctor are much more "detail" than pharmacist...I think..:)

how about differences bet photographer and amateur photographer?
I guess everyone can be a photographer as long as they have a camera!
In reality,
I have found out so many many many ppl like to do plagiarism...
-like Macro View of certain object!
-framing the photo
-"styling" the photos
-capture water drops (I guess that the 1st thing they capture when owning 1st DSLR) thats what my cousin told me..:)

in my own opinion,
I think to be a photographer,
let the photo speak it out,
everything we capture, we have to "reason" it...
I know sometimes "beauty" may be primary concern,
If beauty come 1st, no story, its commercial!
that will lead to educated or non-educated topic..:)
but, nowdays ppl like "beauty" thing..:( aiks

the other thing, frame,
framing do makes sense sometimes,
but not all photos should be framed...:)

ps:im learning..
personal update: 2nd year 2nd year oh 2nd year!
40days 40days 40days!

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