Friday, October 22, 2010

current status: alone in room, finished tutorials

it is 4th week since i started my 1st sem, and it is exactly 1 month im back to the pool, there is nth much changes compared to last year, the changes are i live farer a bit from my school, there are a few new students in my year, 3 new malaysians, 2 hongkies and somemore...

the starting of 1st sem is kinda intense, 6 weeks for 3 pavillions, 2 weeks for each, followed by primary school project, I still got 2 weeks for my pavillion project, my current progress quite bad, not exactly that bad, roughly finished 2 pavillions left 1 more, have to work hard this weekend before the 5th week, hopefully I can finished 3 of them and impressed my tutor.(thats the important thing) :)

anyway, even my schedule is quite packed with exercises, I managed to travel 2 places :) to be exact is 3 places (conwy, llandudno and manchester)
time to go, ciao :)

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