Friday, November 5, 2010

current status- 11.15pm, nothing to do
current situation- tml need to submit research booklet,
crit finished this tuesday,
going to dublin this saturday

well, I sort of finished my research booklet, and I will be having tutorial tml, not for new project, but just for previous project, just need to conclude some stuffs with my tutor. my Final crit was gone smoothly, I was the first one to present that day, fucking hell, I didnt expect that. anyway, the tutor was impressed, but Im not satisfied with it. Still need to work tml and this sunday after Im back from dublin. Hopefully, I finished them before next tuesday, the start of primary school project.

I think this 6 weeks drive me nuts, not all about the project, may be about certain persons. Anyway, it has past, the end comes with new beginning! need to work hard for it! Hopefully this saturday trip will be nice :)

part of liverpool overview from anglican cathedral, and winter is coming
stay tune, ciao

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