Wednesday, July 8, 2009

secure or serious?

Boring nia...stay at home..I don't know what to do...
Aiks...damn whom may concern..
I secured 2 university's offer namely Queens and Dundee..
stil left 1 university to go..(liverpool)
Aiks...start to worry since I havent got liver yet.
erm..actually between 2 secured universities..
I already gave up one (Queens)..because that uni not so good in architecture..
now stil left D and L..
If I don't get the one I waited...I will feel sad...
But if I get it, I have to make decision..
either choose it or decline it...
I am worrying my decision would affect my future later..
let me compare this 2 uni..

can get accommodation easily
the city not so hectic
Uni ranking not so good
but architecture ranking quite ok

famous, environment not so good
architecture ranking quite high
Uni ranking ok also..

I dont know want to choose famous 1...or peaceful..
about the ranking...I not so care...but for me dundee really not so famous....
choose liver...I scare I cant study well...
choose Dundee...I scare not worth to pay the money...

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