Friday, October 23, 2009


when Im sad..
I really wish I can post it right here...
But..when I start to type..
I feel like I cant express what my feelings..
I've been here for more than 1 month..
nothing much "Happy" things happen..
just normal...

Basically, let me separate 5 parts..
1- my studio 2-my floor 3-my room 4-lecturer room 5-outside

1- Basically, I like my studio...
I like some of my lecturers..
they did help me a lot..
But I don't like some, because some of them just looking at Nice thing..
they din concentrate on Creativity..thats the thing I don't like...
Beside lecturers, my course-mates

2-my floor kitchen..I am quite enjoyable in my kitchen....
I did chat a lot with my HK floor-mates..
(pls Note that my HK floor-mates are far more better than my HK course-mates)
but I chat in cantonise..
( english haven't improved yet..seriously)
I did cook many diff dishes here...
another guy which came from Bangladesh..
damn he was so pervert...
he asked ppl about preferable Sexual Orientation
even there are Girls beside...
(result:he has been isolated)

3rd- my room..
I feel comfortable in my room..
consequence, I lazy to work on my sketches, drawings even studying..

4-lecturer room..
argh...I hate Tuesday...because the day that all my lectures in 1 day..
from 10-12pm, 2-4pm...
its tired...out of 4 lecturers...I cant get 2 lecturers' accent..
their accent abit weird...and talk really fast...
I bought a Voice recorder for that..
Damn..I bought it for £20..
but the Voice recorder need to put AAA battery to function..
OMG..such a waste money..

as what u all seen from my facebook or my blog here..
there is nothing special in Liverpool..
no entertainment..
the only entertainment here is Clubbing...
I went Clubbing for 2 times in 1st 2 weeks I am here...
Seriously..I hate Clubbing..
Such a waste of time, I prefer to sleep..

satisfied with what I posted here about my RECENT?

oh..1 more thing..start from 25 Oct..
Liverpool and Msia will be diff 8 hours..
means that the distance of us become farer..

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