Friday, May 14, 2010

All of sudden

I cant progress my last stage!!!!!!!
Damnit! I stuck on current progress for 1 week!
the form!
Met my tutor this morning,
with my model,
mmm..i thought she will like it,
who knows...
she said its not necessary to add curve for the structure,
she was so straight forward...haiz..
she wants me to do the ugly and simple way...
the ugly way- which I stuck last week until today,
I dont want to finish off my drawings because its ugly!
just because its ugly,
but all the circulation,
the layout, the elevation looks perfectly.
thats what my tutor wanted..
she said..
If I wanted to add is okie,
nth bad,
she said my thing already strong enough
like already spicy,
If add on more spice on it,
would become sour...

2 ways to complete my work
nice and dynamic looking curve which took off the essence of electronic form..

ugly but simple and straight way to present the relation..


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